The First Day…dun dun dun

We all know that feeling of reporting for the first day of a new job. That nervous, excited, sickly feeling about what your new job will entail. It kind of resembles how you felt on your way to your first day of school as a kindergartner. When I arrived at work, we worked on my contract and did all the necessary paperwork…..the fun part about starting any new job…..W4s, I9s, UFOs, WMDs, and all the other endless government forms. My supervisor informed of what my duties would be and that it would include helping produce our monthly Charleston Arts calendar, update our website with upcoming art events around the city, assisting at festivals, and anything else they needed. After explaining my duties, she said that’s all she had planned for me that day. I had planned on being there for a while and saw this as a perfect opportunity to see if there was anything else she had for me to do. I did this for two reasons: 1) I wanted to show that I cared about impressing my employer as well as working hard. 2) I was eager to begin the internship. While the only task she had for me was filling old name badges, by offering to begin when I wasn’t expected to it showed that I would be a great help around the office.  I would advise you to do the same when at work. Always take those opportunities for advancement and showcasing the type of worker you are.