Hey Guys!!

My twin brother and me, I'm the "Statue of Liberty"

Hi! I’m Chris, and I’m a Charleston native through and through. After spending my freshmen year of college at Clemson University in good ole’ God’s Country, USA, as the Town of Clemson is so lovingly referred to as, I decided to transfer back home to the Holy City and attend the College of Charleston. The old adage…or lyric by Joni Mitchell…”you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone” proved true. It took leaving Charleston for a year to realize what I truly had been a part of. Now, granted I actually live in a suburb 20 minutes away from the generally thought of Historic Area, going “downtown” and experiencing the Historic areas and Charleston culture were still always a part of life for me.  I went to Clemson and discovered that I really wanted to go into public relations and the later half of the year was spent struggling with the decision of whether or not to transfer back home where there might be more opportunities to build my resume. I’m glad to say that for me personally, this has proven true.  In Charleston, I have found so many more opportunities and am beginning the never-ending journey of NETWORKING!

I’m currently interning with the Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Charleston in. I know most people automatically jump to the conclusion of an intern being the “slave” for the rest of the office, or the designated coffee grabber. While I haven’t personally had this experience….yet…..I find that the things that my employer has me do will actually benefit me in any future career. Working in an office that plans and executes multiple arts festivals and special events each year, each day tends to differ and we are constantly working on our next upcoming project.

This blog will focus on what I learn each day at work and how the things I work on will benefit me in my future career aspirations. I’ll do a few posts about past days of work to get you caught up with where I am currently (as I’ve been interning, now, for about 3 weeks) and then will do a post two days a week (one for each time I work).

I hope this gives you a little bit of start-up info and I hope to have my first post up tomorrow about my first few days interning! Until then, I encourage you to look for the beneficial aspects of everything you do in life because if you look close enough, most everything is helping you in some way.


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